Welcome to starfell. Starfell is an idol rp set in the city of Etona, California--a vibrant and ever-busy city that was once the center of the movie industry. Work your way from the ground up in a make-it-big race to the top of the charts. Perform and compete with rival idols, work from backstage, or buy all the idol merchandise you can afford. We encourage friendliness and welcome people of all backgrounds and writing experience. We have no word minimum and have a relatively freeform application style. Enjoy your stay in Etona!
02/05 grand opening! (o˘◡˘o)
01/10 soft opening! all those with a link can create their characters now.
credits. skin by pandora & chloe. code script by jawn. any images by users that's fan art are source linked in respective profiles.
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Your tour starts here! You can find all the information necessary to get started here.
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All important announcements, event info, and news updates can be found here.
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Have a question? A suggestion? Then come leave us a message. Here all your archived threads will also be stored. You can also find the points store here.
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After you've read all the necessary topics, post and write your application here. Be sure to read the thread titled "Application" first before getting started.
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All accepted applications will be moved here. The face claims list and member directory can also be found here.
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Struggling to develop your character? Want to discover something new about them? Here you can find a number of different questions that prompt you to explore your character in a variety of ways. You can also post their backstories here for others to read and get a better sense of your character.
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Here, you can post your plotters and wanted ads for all your relationship needs.
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The largest and most well-known of the Celestial Triad. Their idols are famous in the Etona area, and are known for starring in high-production value music videos and elegant concerts. They provide many utilities for their idols to practice and perform with.
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Worldly is arguably Heaven Skies' biggest competition. Their idols are constantly travelling, more-so than most of their rivals, and are well-known not only in Etona, but across the Pacific. As the label of diversity, they host myriad idols ranging from local to foreign.
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The newest to the idol scene, but certainly not the last. Before becoming an idol industry figure, they produced movies--their equipment is a testament to that fact, and they produce some of the best quality albums in the industry. They're usually the first to try something new.
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Although Heaven Skies, Worldly, and Abyssal make up the big trio of studios, there are a few smaller studios peppering Etona. Most have small budgets and few assets for their stars, but you may still make your debut here as well.
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Downtown Etona is a hodgepodge of life; the oldest and the newest parts of Etona can all be found here, from old rickety, vacant homes to a nightlife that spans the youngest hours of the morning. In the distance, you can see the lights of the tallest buildings of the city.
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Central Etona is an incredibly busy place. Tall corporate buildings line the roads and traffic jams impede all progress--your best bet is walking, but even then you'll need to navigate the crowds of its 2.4 million population. Most people here work at high-end corporations, but you can still find some entertainment scattered here and there.
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The surburban neighborhoods are a little bit farther from the central city, but offer a cleaner and quieter city experience.
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California has never been cheap real estate, and that rings true in Etona. Becoming a home-owner can be incredibly expensive, especially if you buy a more modern variant, but there are also plenty of cheaper alternatives, including apartments and condos.
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The most popular beach in Etona, California. Tourists and locals alike are constantly setting up under the sun. It's a popular spot for parties, bonfires, and even surfing competitions.
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Here is where all of your performances will go, no matter where in the world they are. Sing, dance, or simply spectate!
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For all your OOC needs, have some fun here.
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Post your ads here! Guest-friendly.
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